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The law-firm Lawyer STEFANO GORI Lawyer FABIO PAGNOZZI was founded in 1998 in Rome by Lawyer Stefano Gori (born in Rome on October 13, 1966) and by LawyerFabio Pagnozzi (born in Rome on February 28, 1967) and operates mainly in Italy in the following sectors: civil law, labour law, corporate law, commercial law and administrative law. The heart of the activity includes business transactions, contractual relationships, corporate law, labour disputes and liability in general. The law firm has its office in Rome: the firm’s lawyers have a proved experience, with a sure backround in specialized disciplines, thanks to which they are able to deal with particularly complex cases, mantaining with the client a intentionally personalized relationship. Sectors of activity of the Law-Firm Lawyer STEFANO GORI – Lawyer FABIO PAGNOZZI Civil Law Corporate and Commercial Law Administrative Law Labour Law Litigation Banking Litigation Medical liability E – commerce, E – payments Competition Law Independent Authorities CIVIL LAW The Law firm operates with success in the traditional civil law sectors like family law, inheritance law, the defence of the right ownership and of the other rights in rem. A particular emphasis is given to the complex activities of singling out of the heritable property of the management of the inheritance and to litigation regarding the petition of heir ship and the impugnation of wills. Of a particular importance is also the activity regarding lease agreements for housing and for commercial purposes and, more in general, the constitution and transfer of real estate rights both with regards to the consultancy and assistance in the drafting of contracts and judicial acts and in the judicial and non judicial management of the related cases. CORPORATE AND COMMERCIAL LAW A considerably part of the law firm’s activity regards the solving of corporate cases. Corporate and commercial law is followed with the law firm’s particular predisposition to corporate relationships, in which it has a long-term experience. The assistance is aimed at both at the ordinary management and at the correct functioning of the Company and at the critical phases: disputes between shareholders and the Company, liquidation and bankruptcy procedures, mergers and acquisitions, judicial administration and all other aspects relating to the Company. ADMINISTRATIVE LAW With regards to the delicate sector of the legal relationships with the Public Administration, the law firm is able to provide the client with a wide range of services both with regards to professional consultancy and with regards to the defence before the Administrative Courts. The law firm is particularly active in the sector of the city planning legislation, with particular reference to the procedures for the issuance of concessions and authorizations and to the impugnation of the territorial programmation’s general plans. The law firm’s competence, moreover, covers very topical themes such as consultancy and assistance in public bids and expropriations for public utility, expropriation indemnity and administrative regulation of the abuses in the building sector. LABOUR LAW The law firm takes care of the defence in the disputes between Companies and employees. The judicial activity with a sure experience in this sector is always aimed at the solution of the problem and in the reconciliation of the Companies’ aims. Said activity’s inserted in the integrated management of corporate matters for which the law firm offers its experience. LITIGATION The law firm has a considerable experience in internal litigation. The capacity to manage said relevant professional area is extended to all work groups, which have the necessary expertise in Procedural law including precautionary measures and the procedures for the recognition in Italy of foreign judgements. The technical defence of our clients is guaranteed with rigour and professionality also before the Special Courts (TAR, Consiglio di Stato, Tribunale delle Acque Pubbliche, Commissioni Tributarie) and for any type of administrative procedure in which legal assistance is needed. BANKING LITIGATION The law firm has developed a significative experience in the managemnet of banking litigation and in the collection of receivables. The law firm follows in all its phases the collection of receivables, taking care of the entire legal activity, to the fulfilments of which the law firm either provides to directly or through its local correspondents located on the entire Italian territory where the various procedures, including enforcement proceedings, for the recovery of the credit are commenced. MEDICAL LIABILITY The law firm follows with particular attention the matters relating to the civil and criminal liability arising out of the medical activity. Medical liability in general, unskilfulness imprudence and negligence are in fact_very common themes. E – COMMERCE AND E - PAYMENTS E commerce operations through the Internet present from a legal point of view absolutely new problems which are specific to this sector. The transnational and multinational character of the Internet and the absence of whatsoever barrier apart from that of thought pose serious compatibility problems between the different national legislation’s and very high probabilities of conflict between the same. The firm offers in this sector its experience, with particular reference to the problems arising out of e – payments. INDEPENDENT AUTHORITIES The firm’s propension towards the assistance and consultancy in to the business scenario is reflected in the defence of free competition. Apart from the traditional sectors relating to the recognition of trademarks, patents and industrial inventions, the firm offers its competencies with also regards the antitrust legislation actively operating in the litigation relating to the various cases of unfair competition. A particular attention is given to the controversies regarding abuses of dominant positions agreements aimed at restricting competition and to the delicate sector of the merging of corporations. The rigorous and efficient defence of the rights and interests of the client in all cases in which said relevant activity is exercisable is one of the principal tasks of the firm. As a consequence, the firm offers full and active assistance in the course of the preliminary proceedings and during the hearings before the Authority for the Competition and the Market, the Authority for Guarantees in the Communications and the Authority for the Defence of Personal Data.